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Hiking is trendy

Hiking is trendy. Million Germans are walking in leisure and holidays. Exciting landscapes and dense trails networks in Germany offer countless hiking opportunities. But what about the quality when hiking? Do the offers match the increasing demands of the attractive hiking clientele?
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The predicate "Qualitätsweg Wanderbares Deutschland" defines Germany-wide standards for trails and brings triple benefit for hiking tourism:

1. The quality of the trail infrastructure is greatly improved in the regions.

2. The hiking guest gets an orientation and guidance for its travel planning.

3. The hiking destinations can use the quality mark as a competitive advantage in the marketing of tourism products and hiking itself as a quality brand.

A hiking trail is analyzed after 9 core criteria and 23 choice criteria. An awarded trail by the German Hiking Association trail builds the foundation for an impressive hiking experience. The website www.wanderbares-deutschland.de provides information about the currently certified quality trails.

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Weserberglandweg (length: 210km, 8 stages)

From the spring of the Weser in Hannoversch Munden, until his breakthrough in the North German Plain, you follow the river through the Weserbergland. The trail leads north through forests, meadows, fields and colorful half-timbered towns. It crosses the legendary Reinhardswald the caslte Sababurg of the Sleeping Beauty. Further through the high moor Mecklenbruch in wooded Hochsolling and the Vogler. Fairy tales and legends are ubiquitous in the Weserbergland. You will meet historical figures, such as the doctor iron beard in Hannoversch Munden, the lies Baron von Munchhausen in Bodenwerder and the Pied Piper of Hamelin. After Hohenstein in Süntel leads the way through the Weser Mountains, past the Schaumburg overlooking Rinteln. And after more than 200 adventurous kilometers by foot on the Wittekindsberg in Wiehengebirge the silhouette of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial at the Porta Westfalica appears. Of course, the path in the opposite direction, from the Westphalian gateway to Weserstein, is possible and very appealing.