E-Bike / Movelo at the Schaumburger Ritter

Borrow - sitting up - Go!

Smile guaranteed - Discover and enjoy the movelo - Weserbergland - E-Power, the new dimension of cycling!

The Weserbergland pampers leisure cyclists in the future with an outstanding offer. "Learn" the sights, the most beautiful viewpoints and cultural highlights of the movelo region Weserbergland relaxed ON AN ELECTRIC BIKE.

The gentle low mountain range also offers left and right of the Weser-cycle track an impressive tour selection with different difficulty levels and varied discovery tips for every taste. e.g. follow the footsteps of the Schaumburg Princely House or experience the scenic beauty of the Lippe highlands.

Whatever you choose - the movelo package makes cycling pure pleasure. For just 20 euros per day you can rent electric bicycles at the rental stations and explore the region even easier.

The partner network of rental and battery exchange stations guarantees you limitless mobility. The trained staff at the rental stations movelo expects you and keep your electric bike ready.

We guarantee pleasant excursions in the surrounding area!