The Knightmeal

The knight's meal in the Schaumburger Ritter

Dining and celebrating rustic and knightly

Immerse yourself in the Middle Ages and experience an evening with medieval table manners in our beautifully furnished knight's room.

Ideally suited for: your seminar guests, bachelor parties, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, camaraderie evenings, excursions, club trips, company or Christmas parties.

Our knight's dinner includes a 4-course menu

Knight soup

Seasonal salads served in wooden pots
mit zweierlei Dressings Brotlaiben und Schmalz

Great knight plate
Knuckles, Spare Ribbs, roasts
and roasted chicken with herb quark, sauces
delicious vegetables, glazed whole
Baked potatoes and coleslaw

French toast with berry compote

Between courses the history of our knights will be carried out and three knights Trunks are presented in various ways.

Social Program

Additionally various musicians or entertainers can be organized. A knight menu on a smaller scale in our Ritterstube is of course also possible in an altered form.


Das Ritteressen ist ganzjährig individuell ab 8 Personen buchbar und kostet pro Person 47,50 Euro.

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