Menu suggestions

Menu suggestions for your celebration

Tailored to your personal taste

Dear guests! Since we attach great importance to fresh and seasonal ingredients, our menu suggestions refer to different times of the season. They are valid from 12 people.

Have fun with your appetite !

Menu suggestions for your festivity

Of course, you can exchange individual courses in the menu. Please select a menu for all guests for your event. Should you have any further requests, we are always at your disposal for personal, individual advice. There is also the possibility z. B. to put together a menu or buffet that is tailored to your personal taste or contains your own ideas.

Do you have any questions about the right drinks?

We would be happy to advise you!

Doreen and Stephan Kehlenbeck
and the knight team

An folgenden Tagen bleibt unser Restaurant geschlossen:

Donnerstag 15.09.
Samstag 22.09.
Freitag 23.09.
ab 18 Uhr geöffnet
Montag 26.09.
Mittwoch 28.09.

Dienstag 04.10.
Donnerstag 06.10.
Montag 10.10.
Mittwoch 12.10
17.10 – 19.10 Betriebsferien
Donnerstag 20.10.
ab 18 Uhr geöffnet
Montag 24.10.
Dienstag 25.10.
Montag 31.10.
ab 18 Uhr geöffnet

Mittwoch 02.11.
Donnerstag 03.11.
Montag 07.11.
Mittwoch 09.11.
Montag 14.11.
Dienstag 15.11.
Montag 21.11.
Mittwoch 23.11.
Montag 28.11.

Donnerstag 01.12.
Montag 05.12.
Mittwoch 07.12.
Montag 12.12.
Mittwoch 14.12.
Montag 19.12.
Dienstag 20.12.
Samstag 24.12.
Dienstag 27.12.
Mittwoch 28.12.

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