Hiking In Germany

Hiking is trendy

Hiking is trendy. Million Germans are walking in leisure and holidays. Exciting landscapes and dense trails networks in Germany offer countless hiking opportunities. But what about the quality when hiking? Do the offers match the increasing demands of the attractive hiking clientele?

Weserberglandweg (length: 210 km, 8 stages)

From the origin of the Weser in Hann. Münden, up to its breakthrough into the north German lowlands, one follows the river through the Weserbergland. The path leads north through forests, meadows, fields and small, half-timbered towns. It crosses the legendary Reinhardswald with the Sleeping Beauty Castle Sababurg.

It continues through the Mecklenbruch high moor in the wooded Hochsolling and over the Vogler. Fairy tales and legends are omnipresent in the Weser Uplands. This is how you meet historical personalities like Doctor Eisenbart in Hann. Münden, the lying baron from Münchhausen in Bodenwerder and the Pied Piper from Hameln.

After the Hohenstein in the Süntel, the path leads over the Weser Mountains, past the Schaumburg with a view of Rinteln. After a good 200 eventful kilometers on foot, the silhouette of the Kaiser Wilhelm monument at Porta Westfalica appears on the Wittekindsberg in the Wiehen Mountains.

Of course, the route in the opposite direction, from the Westphalian Gate to the Weserstein, is possible and attractive.

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